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, Human Serum Albumin. A chemically-fractioned component of blood that may be added to diluents to increase allergen stability. The albumin coats the interior wall of the glass vial, preventing allergenic proteins from adhering. Additionally, albumin stabilizes protein aggregation, thereby promoting protein stability. This stabilizing diluent can be used to maintain potency when dilutions are… read more 705357C1-B577-4332-A248-2D41FB183786Created with sketchtool.


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Intradermal Dilutions

Intradermal Dilutions In early 2013, several allergen extract manufacturers decided to discontinue stock formulations of intradermal products. In place of this, it is recommended that you perform your own dilutions using the extract stock concentrations. Rationale for the discontinuation of intradermal strength products​ Allergen extracts that have been diluted to intradermal strength are known to… read more 705357C1-B577-4332-A248-2D41FB183786Created with sketchtool.